How to link google maps to excel

In fact, this works for any spreadsheet application you use, with nothing to install or download. Your location data will then be converted into geographic coordinates through a process called geocoding. The result is an estimate of the actual coordinates needed to plot the place on a map. Depending on the type of location data, the point can be highly accurate.

Addresses are a really useful type of location data because they are common, human-readable, and specific. If you have customer data, you may very likely have an address for them! These maps can even help you plan specific customer visits, because an address gives you an exact location. For many analyses, a general location is enough information to get an interesting map. The marker will appear to be in roughly the same place.

Regional data is often easier to find than specific address-level data, giving you more opportunities to map your data. One advantage of regions is that you can often glean this from other data. For example, some services can tell you a city of the person behind an email address. You can also geolocate by IP address for visitors of a website, for example. The last type of geographic data is the simplest and most specific.

It is not particularly human-readable, however. Raw coordinates are referred to as latitude and longitude pairsbecause there are two numbers that plot a point on a two dimensional plane representation of earth. In other words, if you have coordinate data, your spreadsheet should include a latitude column and a separate longitude column.

To create a basic map, all you need is your location data. That can be as simple as a list of addresses, like this:.

how to link google maps to excel

If that was a column in your spreadsheet, you could simply copy it and paste into the box at the top of our mapping tool. And that data may very well be in your spreadsheet!

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how to link google maps to excel

Can I Mentor You? Download Your Guide Right Now. Click Here To Download Now.Posted on December 10 Development html. Since the release of the new Google Maps API, there are some really powerful ways to create links from your site. These links could be a simple location, or they could be directions or even local searches. Here are some ideas of how to link to the New Google Maps.

There are multiple ways to link to the new Google Maps now, I will show a few different syntaxes to demonstrate alternate methods. The most basic is a simple destination.

This will link directly to an address.

How To Create Google Map and Directions Link With Excel

The following will link to an address and automatically focus the cursor on the starting location input. The user just types in where they are coming from and the directions are generated.

No user input is required as there is a starting and ending direction pre-propagated. Here are a few possible methods for doing so:. Instead of using an address, you could also include latitude and longitude coordinates for the destination or starting point. Using the updated syntax, we can just keep adding destinations to the URL! You could link to a search query of nearby places of an address or in this case coordinates.

Google Maps In Excel

Obviously, you need to be careful with this one because it could serve a different location than you intend. Click here for more example from Google. Articles About. Posted on December 10Development html.

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June 4, Added a note for including the traffic layer. Also added an example of linking to Google Street View. Changed URL to maps. Added a note for including the traffic layer.Google maps plot locations based on latitude and longitude coordinates. When Microsoft Excel sends these coordinates to Internet Explorer, Google Maps can use them to create new maps relevant to your workbook. For example, if you create spreadsheets for transactions at different branches of your company, you can type each branch's coordinates into the specific cells on the sheet to pinpoint their locations on a Google map.

Double-click "Module 1" in the project window to open a blank module window. If Module 1 is not visible, select "Insert Module" from the Insert menu. Copy and paste the following into the new window to create a routine for opening a browser window:.

Application" ie.

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Copy and paste the following after the previous routine to create a routine for generating a Google Maps URL:. Replace "A3" and "A4" in the previous routine with the addresses for the cells where you plan to insert the location's coordinates.

Return to your spreadsheet and click "Insert" in the Developer ribbon. See Tips to display the Developer ribbon if it is not yet displayed. Click a button icon and then click and drag over the spreadsheet to create a button and open the Assign Macro dialog box.

Type a latitude into the first cell that you selected in Step 4 and type a longitude into the second cell. For example, type " Ryan Menezes is a professional writer and blogger. Skip to main content. Click the button that you added to open the Google map. Tip If you do not see the Developer ribbon, add it through Excel's options window. About the Author Ryan Menezes is a professional writer and blogger.

how to link google maps to excel

Accessed 14 April Menezes, Ryan. Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.Currently I can input an address and have a Google map of the address displayed in Excel, with most of the cool google functionality. Zoomed Hybrid View.

I thought about also throwing in the current weather reportbut refrained for now. The address is sent to Geocoder. Excel sends this geocoded information to the automateexcel. To experiment with sending an address and having Geocoder. Click this link to see my webpage that receives latitude and longitude as variables and returns the respective map look in the address bar.

I set margin:0px to remove the whitespace around the map, trying to make it look less like a web browser control and more like a google control. Click this link to download the Google Map in Excel Spreadsheet. The satellite imagery in my neighborhood is much nicer than google maps, and the interface has some additional cool tricks. Gyula Gulyas took my original Google Maps in Excel and made two changes to it that some readers may be interested in:.

Canadian GoogleMap Excel Very cool! Gyula made use of Geocoder. A couple thumbnails of the Excel Google Map Spreadsheet, click to view the larger images. Normal View.

Excel Tips - Tip#57: Integrating Google Maps into Excel

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FormulaGuy New Member. Joined Feb 5, Messages 2. Hi I have a worksheet that lists physical locations and 2 respective columns that display the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location in that row. I am trying to automatically generate a respective URL in the cell adjacent to the coordinates columns that displays the complete URL including the coordinates of that row. Some videos you may like. Excel Facts. Square and cube roots. Click here to reveal answer. I would like to convert to a PDF with a working just like above, but have not found a solution.

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The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How can I create Google Maps links based on coordinates. Their new basic share urls contain a lot of parameters, for example. According to another answeryou can use following url.

The currently accepted answer ends up adding an additional history entry in browsers at the moment as Google Maps redirects to a different URL format. To avoid that extra entry in the browser's history, use the official Maps API url :. If you only want to center the map and not display a markeruse the map action :. Learn more.

how to link google maps to excel

Create Google Maps links based on coordinates Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 1 month ago.

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Viewed 76k times. Not looking to embed but just to create external links that can be shared. Martin Thoma Staffan Estberg Staffan Estberg 4, 13 13 gold badges 55 55 silver badges 99 99 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. StanSokolov yes should be possibile adding to the url eG. Thanks a lot for your answer scaisEdge. Is there a quick way to do this you can suggest? I can't seem to get zoom to work.

Michele Milidoni Michele Milidoni 6 6 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Banzy this still works, just took this scrennshot of the url in the post: i. MatsLindh MatsLindh 33k 3 3 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. Thank you!

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