Ae86 beams swap kit

The Corolla was the underdog of the mids; not as powerful, not as quick, not as good-looking as everything else around it. And yet, the boring and understated Toyota has become one of the most desired cars of the era.

Ae86 steering angle kit

The result is nothing short of amazing. While relatively understated from afar with, for the most part, a very clean and sharp OEM-plus look, Eric has done an incredible amount of work. I promise this was unintentional. Perhaps it makes more sense than I first thought…. Perhaps most importantly, the AE86 really feels — and even smells — like a new car from Under the hood is where things began to get a bit over the top. Just that listen alone should be clear that no expense has been spared when it comes to this Further aiding in the handling department are braces all around the chassis.

Actually, I can say this with complete confidence. The nostalgia effect of the 86 is undeniable. This example in particular, if I dare say, being the ultimate evolution of the most desirable version of the car offered in North America. But, perhaps even more importantly, will selling this car come back to haunt him?Skip to content.

Quick links. Aukword1's Beams Swapped AE A little background on the car first. The car was purchased from my brother-in-law back in and was basically just a rusted rolling chasis that sat in the Santa Cruz mountains constantly getting rained on.

I towed it back to Southern California to begin a lot of restoration. After several weeks with a wire wheel, filler and paint I restored the interior to a nice matte black finish. Now I was ready to address the elephant in the room. I had no bumpers, no fenders, no headlights, no interior and no engine!. I bought all of these parts over the course of a few months and installed them. I went with a 4agze engine and converted it to a regular 4age and put on an HKS supercharger that I got from Japan.

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The car was turbo ever since and I painted the exterior and lined the interior with T3's custom panels. Upgraded the front brakes to wilwoods and running about 1" spacers all around. Car sits nice and drives well. Here are some old pics I could dig up of the car. Here is how it currently sits. Now begins the new build. Car is on its way to my family's house to get the infamous 3sge Beams swap.

ae86 beams swap kit

I decided to start this thread because there isn't much info about doing a beams swap on an AE There is some info and a lot of parts but nothing really covers the whole process. No but really, what's the allure of that motor? What do they come out of?

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The allure is having a modern engine and gearbox and having a better torque curve. The HP and Torque curve are supposedly pretty similar to the F20c motors but get to keep it in the Toyota family. I had no idea JDM altezzas got those. Hopefully I can sell my current drivetrain and ECU to cover some of the costs though.Thread in ' Technical Questions ' started by minguOct 10, Driftworks Forum.


Ae86 3sge swap Thread in ' Technical Questions ' started by minguOct 10, Also would you guys know if it be a pricey swap? My budget is about 4 - 5k just for the engine and swap. Sxsmeebo Member. Joined: Aug 23, Posts: 94 Likes Received: 0. Hi, yeah the 3SGE comes out of the lexus or altezza, the engine is always known as a beams engine i think.

I dont have the AE86 yet, but if i can find some place that does this conversion in the UK then i will go for it, or il just stick with the B18c in my civic if i cant find any places that do them. Joined: Oct 9, Posts: 51 Likes Received: 0. Besides the engine youll need the altezza gear box and maybe the drive shaft.

JSP Billet Beams 3SGE AE86 mount kit

Youll need to modify the cross member and fabricate custom engine mounts, transmission mounts and bell housing. There are a handful of small companies in Japan that do make the bell housing and transmission mounts but considering the exchange rate and cost of shipping and tax etc it would probably be cheaper to get the fabricators to do the whole lot.

Youll also need to upgrade ur radiator and guage cluster If youre goin to turbo it, youll be a little bit restricted as the 3sg is a tall engine and there isnt a lot of space between the manifold and bonnet.

ae86 beams swap kit

The transmission itself is too large for the tunnel so you either need to fabricate a tunnel or hammer the existing one like crazy IMO i tihnk 4k sounds little shy to do a good conversion. For that money i think it would better to go for a second hand tuned ae92, which would just be a straight swap.

A 20v swap would be simple too but youll need to modify the ignition setup slightly.

3SGE Beams conversion guide

Plus 4ag engines are much lighter than a 3sg and the t50 box is way lighter than the altezza box too. Overall itll give u better balance and response. Yeah good idea, I might consider the 20v then. Do u know the average cost for the complete swap including a low mileage blacktop engine? Also would u know where in UK they will do specialise in these swaps?

Thanks bud. That would be awesome in it. Yeah, il try contact martin if hes on here? I vote for an F20c lump out of an S Also, if you havnt done so already, strip out the entire rear half of the car, including the seats and youll save urself around 15kg for the seats plus a little more with the rest of the interior trim. B16 are rated around ps on the brochure and a mildly tuned AE92 will give you around ps or more depending.

Its less than the B16s but where the FWD type-r would enter a corner slightly faster, the ae86 can gain traction and exit a lot faster. From a stand still or on a loooooong staright road, u might get left behind, but youll find that after 1 or 2 corners, uve caught up lol Stick with the AE92 and see how it goes.

Kruizer Active Member.This is a stainless steel direct bolt on kit. Full kit includes brand new extended lower control arms, brand new inner and outer extended tie rods and modified unicorn angle knuckles.

We measured them to having around 37 degrees lead wheel and even less trailing. Add to cart; Related products. Driftworks Geomaster. The Ackermann Angle. These iconic and now "classic" Toyotas are more popular than ever and deserve to be restored and driven! Street or track worthy, Prothane AE86 graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings will keep unwanted suspension component flex to a minimum and keep your wheels pointed true.

It is a bolt on kit, meaning it can be fitted and removed with no modifications. During drifting, when steering angle is much bigger, jacking is also bigger, even with the same geometry and it could become a problem. View all. Zerekfab Mazda Miata Pro-AM Steering Angle Kit Our maximun angle Miata drift kit was designed with 3 key features in mind; first is quality, second is drivability and usage of angle, third is affordability.

This is a direct bolt on kit, no cutting or welding is involved. Alignment Camber Kit Moog K Product Overview Engineered from the ground up for your Corolla, the Battle Version AE86 front lower control arm kit takes a no-holds-barred approach to making your AE86 have tighter suspension and more direct feel and more angle.

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Sold Out. In Stock. After printing you need to paintmaybe use glue or screw to put it on your rc body. Especially for drifting, you get more steering angle when combined with power steering knuckles. This kit will allow you to get around 60 degrees of lock lead wheel and with close to 0 ackerman you will acheive near parallel front steering.

This Kit with rack spacers can provide up to approximately 50 degrees of angle depending on wheel clearance and alignment. I have done this conversion using a W58, the gearbox crossmember is adjustable so it should easily suit the R also. Yup working, thanks bud. Manual rack pinion bearing removal Note: installation is flipping gear opposite way to pull bearing down pinion gear shaft.

The picture below illustrates them more clearly. On road cars, this effect is used sometimes to balance the car or to help to turn in. Freshly ceramic coated JSP performance headers. Almost gone.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

General fitment:. The BEAMS motor has two units on the back of the head that will require the firewall to be clearanced. This positioning of the motor allows the use of the factory sway bar without any extra brackets. Clearancing is easily done with a bit of hammering, no cutting is required on the firewall or trans tunnel. See below for steering rack info. You do not need to remove the pan from the motor and cut it up!

The modification is about 1. You do not need to remove the pan for this modification. The addition of our fast ratio AE steering arms to your car will net the steering angle and quickness of the popular manual rack swaps. When used with our 1. If you opt for thinner spacers 1"you can still get the motor to fit under the hood skin and will only need to cut the under hood bracing for fitment in the motor well.

We've also included new bolting hardware so you don't have to use the old bolts that are probably getting messed up from age and grit anyway. Skip to Content Compare Products.

Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Be the first to review this product. In stock.

Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. General fitment: The BEAMS motor has two units on the back of the head that will require the firewall to be clearanced. Hood fitment: When used with our 1. Only registered users can write reviews.

Please Sign in or create an account. All rights reserved.While they do take more effort than putting in something such as a 4age 20V, there are some significant advantages in doing so. Covered here is a collection of information for those considering and undertaking the conversion.

Beams 3SGE AE86 Levin first drive

However due to how their VVT systems differ, the way they produce their power is quite different. This allows for a high peak power figure but until the engine is revved high enough to engage the second set of cam lobes it will be lacking. This means it will be slower from a standstill and would need to be kept in the high end of the rev range. Suggested for those looking for a power rush in the high end VTEC yo! However to compensate they have constantly variable VVT pulleys for both the intake and exhaust cams.

These vary the angle of the cams to suit for whichever revs they are being run at. The resulting effect is linear and strong production of power right across the rev range.

This makes for something that is very easy to drive and very predictable. Therefore they are really well suited for daily use and other environments where a wide spread of power is advantageous, such as drifting and high climbs. Engine angle: When originally fitted in an Altezza the Beams engines have a tilt towards the exhaust side of the engine of between 3. Therefore as a rough guide if there are quad throttles then mount the engine upright.

Also an upright engine will likely also be able to mounted higher up before the top plastic engine cover fouls on the inside of the bonnet.

Ae86 Beams Wiring Harness

A custom bar can be made to suit that is held further forward, otherwise the engine needs to be mounted behind it. We offer a replacement rear housing that is significantly thinner than the original to assist with space in this critical area and to better optimise water connection for the heater lines. NOTE: We have a dedicated article related to conversion and upgrade information on the J, it can be found here. Factory options: Originally behind a Beams engine is either an Automatic or a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Leaving this in use is the most common choice during a conversions. More information on fitting one of these is further down this page.

These are reported to be a little stronger than a J, are much easier to physically fit, come with an AE86 compatible speedo drive and are available with a wide range of shifter positions.For a tour of the JDM shop, we picked the engine up from as well as a quick compression test on the motor, check out the video above.

Check out the video above for that whole process. Plus Xcessive provides new bolts for the brackets to attach to the engine block. Again, Xcessive provides automotive grade bolts, nuts, and washers with the spacers. This gives us good hood clearance and tunnel clearance for the transmission, without upsetting suspension geometry too much.

This is designed to be used with the J 6-speed transmission that comes with the Beams 3SGE, but it turns out that early first gen Celicas, sometimes called Series 1 or Slantnose, have a completely different center tunnel and trans crossmember mounting locations than the late 1st gen Series 2 or Flatnose Celicas like mine have.

ae86 beams swap kit

Fun times ahead! This article is very helpful to people who are curious about this setup. While they were helpful, this one to me tops the cake. The information is funny the videosthorough and concise, describing what were used, why they were used and where to get them. Hello there! I am planning on doing the same swap on my RA24, and I was wondering if you can give me some advice on the custom engine wiring harness you are planning on using.

I appreciate it! Hi Dave, any update on this project? Really interested to see what you guys have done so far. Have a good one! New video out on Monday, showing the ITB install and a timing belt swap. Hi Dave. I am in need of some parts and pieces. I have kept up with your build and like the direction you are headed with your own Celica.

I love the videos. I am wondering what you have planned for the pieces you are not going to use in your build as I may have a use for them. Thanks for your time. Here is a bit of inspiration for your build. Love this series on your channel. I am Boofighter on YouTube as well. Awesome info you guys shared on the 77 celica, I am also doing a Beams blacktop swap into my 75 corolla sr5 coupe, my subframe is a bit different in my te37 than the 77 celica, I am.

However, It might be nice to use the Altezza AE 5 speed tiptronic transmission. Also, the engine mounts that were EOM for the 3se were sadly lacking. Have to keep replacing them. Are the mounts mentioned above any better? Would they fit? Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Kerby Andersen.

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